Cheap WWE Survivor Series Tickets

WWE Survivor Series is a pay-per-view event held in November every year. It is the second most active pay-per-view event produced by WWE and one of “Big Four” events.

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Cheap WWE Survivor Series Tickets

WWE Survivor Series Highlights

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About WWE Survivor Series

The first Survivor Series was held in 1987 directly behind successful WrestleMania 3 event. Then WWF started seeing the productive capability of pay-per-view events. The first event profited a lot through a massive match between Hulk Hogan and Andre the Giant who fought each other at WrestleMania 3.

Survivor Series were basically considered a thanksgiving tradition because first eight Survivor Series matches were held at either Thanksgiving Day or Thanksgiving Night. This changed after 1995 and the event started to be held on Sunday before Thanksgiving except 2005 and 2006 events that were held after Thanksgiving. In 2010 it was announced that this event will be rebranded but was soon added back on the list of WWE Pay-per-view schedule.

Starting from 2016 to 2017 Survivor Series has been focusing on direct matches between RAW and SmackDown brands.
The Series Basically consists on tag-team elimination matches that usually have four or five wrestlers in each team, these matches are simply referred to as “Survivor Series Matches”. WWF starting from 1987 conducted many tag-team Elimination Matches though with 3-men teams and the matches were more or less relevant. Breaking the routine wise pattern 1992 featured only one tag-team elimination match.

The 1997 even was faced with Montreal Screwjob and 1998 was the only one year that did not conduct any tag-team elimination matches at all and rather focused on elimination tournament for WWF World Heavyweight Championship. The 2002 Survivor Series is noteworthy for the first ever Elimination Chamber Match.



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