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Extreme Midget Wrestling is a midget professional wrestling match in which dwarf or short stature persons compete each other in ring. Want to get cheap Extreme Midget Wrestling? We have Extreme Midget Wrestling tickets discount coupons available.


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Extreme Midget Wrestling Tickets

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All About Extreme Midget Wrestling

In 1950’s to 1960’s Midget Wrestling was at its peak where little wrestlers like Little Beaver, Lord Littlebrook, and Fuzzy Cupid toured North America. Sky Low Low was the first National Wrestling Alliance’s World Midget Champion. Afterwards more wrestles gained fame in North America along with foreign wrestlers like Little Tokyo.

The event gained quite popularity in 1950’s to 1970’s era and featured several midget wrestling matches including tag team and women’s midget wrestling. Television shows regularly included midget matches in different cities for promotions.

Midget wrestling began to fade away after WWF’s WrestleMania 3. Even though the promotion continued featuring midget divisions however the popularity gradually shrank. By mid-1990’s, midget wrestling featured only in whimsical matches and subdivisions rather than serious wrestling matches. However, that was not the case in Spain and it continued featuring midget wrestling matches on same levels.

Anyhow, In 2000’s Midget Wrestling resurfaced as major wrestling promotions in the United States and wrestlers like WWF’s Hornswoggle competed in and won championships made specifically for average-size male wrestlers.
LPA the Little People of America have criticized midget wrestling as an offence to average-size people, but the wrestlers however think otherwise, they take pride in the title and consider it a symbol of their history.



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